Vista Alegre Atlantis. Ilhavo. Portugal. 2004

Issue number one:  think of containers where you can hunt time.
It is fair to say regarding this collection of porcelain pieces, that the greatest difficulty is in explaining it. In this sense, and despite the inevitable blurred borders between objects, between ideas and between things, four lines of work are clear: solar, lunar, eclipse and spiral.

Photos by López de Zubiria


Forge de Laguiole. Aubrac. 2020

From the poetic to the practical. Menton cutlery is designed from the concept of folding. A sheet of steel that is cut and folded like paper to give it this shape in which a knife and fork fit together into a single element. This dialectic of opposites, cutting and pricking, is the oldest gesture of human eating, and in “chin” both make up an indissoluble unit. Both pieces embrace each other and only in use, right and left, in the hands, do they separate momentarily to recover their unity later. Lying or standing, the pieces rest on the tablecloth without ever staining it. They rest, leaving a respectful distance from the surface of the table and allowing an infinite number of positions that break, without prejudice, the orthodox protocols of the past.

Photos by López de Zubiria


Forge de Laguiole. Aubrac. Francia. 2022

From the meeting between Forge de Laguiole and the designer Santos Bregaña, this knife with a strong character was born, under the advice of José Gordón’s  Bodega El Capricho .

Inspiration arises in the heart of the old kingdom of León where we find this small town of Jiménez de Jamuz. Here caves are dug in the clay soil, they are called wineries and in them people enjoy their gatherings with friends and family, where some of them make their own wine. The most famous of these caves is that of José Gordón’s Bodega El Capricho. Inherited from his grandparents, José has turned this place into the temple of Ox meat.




Porvasal, Valencia. España. 2006

«Carved in hard matter, grooves, wrinkles or creases chase or highlight each other, lined up on the generatrixes, the projections, the thorns, the undulations; they are staggered and they match from time to time, dividing the ramps at regular intervals. The alternation of these ornaments illustrates, rather than interrupts, the continuity of the general version of the shape. It enriches the fundamental motif of the spiral-shaped helix without altering it…»

Paul Valéry, «L’homme et la coquille» Etudes philosophiques


Photos by López de Zubiria



Tableswing, Barcelona. Catalunya. 2024

The “FLOW” collection is based on the precept of classic design by which objects must be conceived based on function, their form will be a consequence of this.

In the panorama of large cities, the profitable ticket in establishments with a high square meter value forces the hotelier to have a small table. This standard table is 80x80cm, often even smaller, which leaves dishes that exceed 25cm out of use. They just don’t fit.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to recover the logical sense of the stacking due to the same spatial restrictions. A circular shape with sloping edges will be ideal for storage, compared to pieces with free and extravagant shapes whose organization in space is difficult.

On this geometric basis, deep plates, flat plates and bowls are decorated with floral motifs. We have applied a soft relief to them that comes from high quality scientific botanical x-rays. In white, gray or enamelled in color, the pieces breathe from silent white to intense color, an undeniable spring optimism.

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SUMMA, Barcelona. Catalunya. 2022

A collection of porcelain that, using the triangle meshed structures of the 3D modeling software, achieves a chaotic faceted surface with which the surface of these containers will always receive the sparkles and shine of the surrounding light.

The DIAMOND collection is composed of a 305 mm dinner plate, a 258 mm dinner plate. a 205 mm deep, a 28 cm “sky” plate, a 170 mm bread saucer, three cups, a bowl, two saucers, one 147 mm and one 170 mm.



SUMMA, Barcelona. Catalunya. 2022

Perhaps the stone has been lost in the mud and as you sink the spoon into the soup you remember it, and you imagine that a secret lurks in those depths, like in the broth you sip, in the abyss of the plate, a mystery awaits, a small hidden treasure.

Perhaps in the future you will find this same flavor in a restaurant again, and that will establish a magical bridge between both moments, the past and the present (and perhaps the future too), just like those waves that slowly expand on the surface of memories.


SUMMA, Barcelona. Catalunya. 2022

This collection focuses on the great tapas items, the potato omelette, the salad, the anchovies and anchovies, the tripe and of course the olives. It was necessary to give a noble seat to these popular delights of the pleasure routine. Without a doubt, the effort in a container that hides the nibbled bones of the olives (finally!) is especially noteworthy. Commercially it was named TRIANA.